About Me

I write action packed thrillers.

I want to try it all–and the list keeps growing.

What I’ve tried so far:

Fiction Writer: the next frontier!

The Army: Army veteran, rank of E-5 (sergeant, not specialist) trained first as a clerk, then a cook, then a heavy equipment operator. The heavy equipment was much more satisfying to work with, and the skills I learned there paid off when we started building our house

elk eating an apple tree in my backyard

Organic Gardening: Certified as master gardener, have 30 blueberry bushes that produce abundantly. Sometimes I get to eat them, sometimes the elk herd gets there first.

Life Coaching: Got certified, had clients, realized that the people that ask for help either don’t really need it or want a magic button.

Cub scout denmother: and certified as teacher for archery and BB guns.

nurse shark 60 feet down and 5 feet in front of me
barracuda off of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas

Advanced Open Water scuba diver (love them sharks, and barracuda too.)

Home construction: built a four-story geodesic dome that we still live in as owner/builder. Started 1995, finished 2030?

Traveller — 46 states and 17 foreign countries. Shown here: Remaining segment of Berlin wall in 2014.

Pet slave: Dog lover (and cats, too, I suppose, just don’t tell them.)

Skiier: I may never do the black diamonds, but I have plenty of fun on intermediate slopes.

Interesting Work experience: Statistician, pre-school art teacher, and funeral attendant

Non-interesting work experience: Lots. I don’t want to think about it.