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A federal agent fresh from the academy. A statewide manhunt led by committee. Can Jake rescue the hostages from the angry gunman?
A sniper shoots up a vineyard society wedding.
Rookie Agent Jake Daely is thrilled to join his first statewide manhunt. Nose to the grindstone, Jake follows the leads and identifies a suspect—Jim Falcon.
Jim Falcon didn’t only slip through the system’s cracks; he got shoved off the platform and left for dead.
But when the self-appointed incident commander releases the wrong suspect’s name, he blames Jake for the mistake. After all, what’s more important—catching the shooter or getting the credit?
Narrowly avoiding dismissal and disgrace, Jake follows the trail to North Central Washington, where a young family has been taken hostage.
Can Jake stop Jim from making the worst mistake of his life?

Headlined by the indomitable NY Times bestselling author MA Comley (DI Sally Parker & DI Sara Ramsey series), never-before-seen stories with something for everyone who enjoys a good thriller. Make Them Pay.

Fellow author Fallon Raynes delivers a killer story in “Temptress”. Red’s so hot, you can’t stop yourself from watching her. Men fight over her. If they don’t volunteer, Grady will give someone a nudge. Red and Grady put on a good show—a lucrative show, guaranteed. Too bad the people doing the paying aren’t fans. Fallon keeps you on the edge of your seat watching the hunters become hunted.
And there are twenty-one more stories in this massive collection, including “Sasquatch Hunting,” a companion story to my own Call to Action.

You should probably pick this up right now and read it for free as part of your Kindle Unlimited membership.

Don’t miss my own short story “Sasquatch Hunting.”